Translational Research on Traditional Oriental and Contemporary Western Medicines


Professor Kazumi YOKOMIZOPh.D.
Assistant Professor Jian-Rong ZHOUPh.D.

Specially-appointed professor

Takeshi MIYATAPh.D.


Under construction

Joint Researchers

Fengmin ZHANGDean, College of Basic Medical Science, Harbin Medical University, ChinaPh.D. M.D.
Mohamed MORSYAssociate Professor, Faculty of Medical Science, El-Minia University, EgyptPh.D.
Jian MADean, College of Basic Medical Science, University of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine, ChinaPh.D. M.D.
Kwang Chul KIMProfessor, Faculty of Medical Science, Temple University, USAPh.D.


The concept of “Mibyou” (presymptomatic disease) is that one’s physical condition is a delicate balance between health and disease. This concept is derived form the ancient China culture. For Western medicine, Mibyou can be applied to diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia, fatty liver and other common diseases of modern society. It is now clear that the symptoms of Mibyou are closely related to lifestyle habits, aging, stress and environmental problems. In the 21st century, treatment of Mibyou by medical self-care seems likely to be more important than established medical cures. One of the most important prerequisites for the effective control of Mibyou is education of medical professionals and citizens. Consequently, we are carrying out translational research on traditional medicine (Kampo medicine) and health supplements using contemporary scientific techniques.

A lantern plant shows ubiquitous pharmacological activities. We have found the plant has significant antitussive action.

Research Projects:

  1. Characterization of molecular mechanisms of actions of traditional oriental herbal medicines and health supplements.
    1. In vivo and in vitro evaluation of efficacy of crude drugs in inflammatory animal models.
    2. Molecular pharmacology of isolated bioactive constituents.
  2. Development of preventative and therapeutic agents for herpetic disease.
  3. Development of preventative and therapeutic agents for infectious nonbacterial gastroenteritis.



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