Laboratory of Physical Pharmaceutics


Cyclodextrins (CDs) are known to form inclusion complexes with various drug molecules in aqueous solution and in solid state, that is used to improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of guest molecules. Their ability to form inclusion complexes are also used in drug delivery system. For the last 35 years, our laboratory members have been engaged in the potential use of CDs in pharmaceutical formulations, focusing on the supra-molecular properties of CDs. We have published over 450 papers including review articles so far. Our reserch interests are currently the fabricatoin of new drug carier based on CD and chitosan, and the preparation of C60/CDs nanoparticles for the medicinal appication.

Application of Multi Functional Cyclodextrin for Pharmaceutical Formulation

  • Preparation of hydrophobicaly modified polymer/CDs thermoresponsive hydrogel for use in ocular drug delively.
  • Control of polymorphic transitions of drug molecules by methylated CDs.
  • Improvement of various pharmaceutical properties of drug molecules and generic products by hydrophilic CDs (e.g., bitter taste・irritation, solubility・stability・bioavailability, release rate, aggregation of peptides and proteins etc.)

Fabrication of Chitosan-Based DDS Carrier

  • Chitin nanofiber gel as a sutained release carrier
  • CDs/chitin nanofiber gel in the wound dressing applications
  • Antioxidant activity of chitin nanofiber gel for the treatment of a renal injury

C60/CDs Nanoparticles for the Medicinal Application

  • Hydrophilic C60/CDs nanoparticles for the photodynamic therapy
  • Hydrophilic C60(OH)10 nanoparticles for the treatment of disease induced by oxidative stress
  • C60 nanocomposite gel and their application
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